Whatever it Takes to Win Your Case

Many of the giant law firms around Los Angeles work as client mills, only accepting cases that they know they can easily settle out of court to save their lawyers time and effort. Thankfully, the Law Offices of Burg & Brock are different. We know that some of the most deserving clients will need their case to be argued in court by an experienced personal injury lawyer, and we also won’t back down from a challenge. Our head litigator, Cameron Yadidi Brock has extensive experience arguing and winning cases in court, and has an unmatched sense for which cases should and shouldn’t go to trial. If you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, or an attorney for any number of other injuries, Mr. Brock is the lawyer for you.

Mr. Brock knows from his years of experience as a head injury lawyer that you often need to take a case to trial to get clients the full amount that they deserve to make up for their emotional pain. While financial damage to the victim can be easily and objectively calculated for a settlement, the emotional damages are not so tangible. It takes a passionate advocate to properly convince the court of your and your family’s suffering, and Mr. Brock has proven time and time again that he is that advocate. He boasts a 97% success rate for his cases, and the Law Offices of Burg & Brock as whole have garnered over 100 million dollars for their clients over the years.