The Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Los Angeles is Cameron Y. Brock

For those seeking a truly first-rate motorcycle accident attorney, Los Angeles offers only one clear choice – Cameron Y. Brock. While handling more than 5,000 accident cases, Mr. Brock and his team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc. have proven to be exceptionally skilled at providing ample rewards and justice in fields of personal injury, product liability and even wrongful death. Further still, as an avid motorcyclist himself, Mr. Brock provides truly passion and comprehensive knowledge regarding every facet of the law in regards to motorcycle collisions.

As a personal injury lawyer, Cameron Y. Brock heads up a team that has garnered a phenomenal 97% success rate, while earning over $100 million for their clients. For those who have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, this knowledge can serve to provide a great deal of solace during a sincerely challenging time. Much more frequently thant while driving a car, motorcycle accidents can easily lead to serious injury or death for the cyclist, but as an avide motorcyclist himself, Mr. Brock is always fully dedicated to ensuring justice is served in the event of a traumatic accident.

At the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., many clients are surprised to find that the guilty party in the event of an accident can often be an individual or organization that was not directly involved in the crash. Negligent road designers, construction workers or manufacturers of defective products might all be responsible for an accident, and the brain injury lawyer team at our firm will always pinpoint the culprit, and ensure they are brought to justice.