Practicing Safe Motorcycling, Part 2

Cameron Yadidi Brock of the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, a top motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, has personally seen what can happen when motorcyclists fail to take the correct safety steps, including not wearing the right kind of protective gear. Here are some more important tips on gearing up to take your bike on the road.

The Eyes Have It
Googles are important for many reasons. Whether on bike or in a car, a large percentage of accidents happen because the driver took their eyes off of the road. Motorcyclists have to be more careful because pieces of the road can get into their eye! To avoid this danger, it is a strongly recommended to wear goggles or another type of protective eye gear. Wearing these simple goggles just may save you from having to see a head injury lawyer in the future.

Don’t Be Invisible!
We highly recommend motorcyclists wear protective clothing such brightly colored vests and jackets with reflective materials. Some shops even sell jackets and vests covered in plastic armor for the best protection.

These Boots Were Made for Drivin’
Perhaps one of the most overlooked articles of clothing for protective motorcycle gear are boots. Mr. Brock has seen a lot of serious motorcycle accident injuries that could have been prevented by wearing the right kind of footwear.

Earplugs will help protect you against wind noise and future hearing damage. They are also said to protect against fatigue.

Our personal injury lawyer and entire team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock encourage you to wear the above gear. It could save your life.