Personal Injury Lawyer Glendale

If an insurance company is refusing to cover your medical expenses, you may need to consider a personal injury lawsuit. This may be an intimidating option for many people, because often there is an underlying assumption that a private citizen cannot possibly hope to prevail against the resources of an insurance company. Our own track record at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. suggests otherwise. We have handled over 5,000 personal injury cases against insurance companies, and have a 98% success rate with automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, product liability cases, wrongful death claims, and many other types of personal injury issues. Here you will find a capable personal injury lawyer in Glendale who not only brings to the table a deep understanding of the salient legal issues, but also ample trial experience.

Trial experience is especially important, for two key reasons. First and foremost, if you case does progress to trial, you need a personal injury lawyer in Glendale who knows how to handle him or herself in the courtroom. Second, just the fact that you have a personal injury lawyer with trial experience increases the chances that an insurance company will be willing to settle out of court and save you the headache of a long and contentious legal battle. The reputable insurance companies know our personal injury law firm in Los Angeles by reputation. Many end up settling rather than running the risk of tangling with our attorneys in court and possibly losing even more.

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