Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit may be necessary if an insurance company refuses to pay. Here at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc., you will find a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who has a wealth of experience and expertise, including hands-on trial experience. Indeed, too many people make the mistake of placing their cases in hands of a personal injury lawyer who has rarely, or ever, argued a case before a judge and jury.

Now, it may be that your personal injury lawsuit never makes it to court, but here’s the rub: the chances of compelling an insurance company to settle out of court are actually much higher if they know your case is being handled by an experienced trial lawyer. The reputable insurance companies know the track record of the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc.; if they think they could stand to lose more by going to trial, they will settle. In other words, whether your personal injury lawsuit makes it to trial or not, you will benefit from having a personal injury lawyer who is a veteran of the courts.

The Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. have developed a solid reputation since their doors first opened in 1996. Our personal injury law firm in Los Angeles has taken on over 5,000 cases and earned a 98% success rate. To learn more about how we can help with your personal injury lawsuit, contact us today to schedule a FREE initial consultation.