Motorcyclists in Accidents Resulting from Product Defects

Motorbike accidents happen for all kinds of reasons. When the motorcyclist is not at fault, the most common reason by far is driver error; very often, the driver fails to “see” the motorcycle, even if it is in its directly in front of him or her. A much smaller, but still significant, type of accident may be caused by a defective part. Our motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, Mr. Cameron Yadidi Brock, can assist you in winning your case whenever the fault is due to the negligence, whether it’s a manufacturer or a driver.

If you believe a defective part may be at fault in your accident, the first job is to determine the precise nature of the problem. The Law Offices of Burg and Brock are highly experienced in all types of personal injury cases, and they can determine whether the problem or malfunction was truly at fault and, just as importantly, whether that can be demonstrated in court. In many cases, a motorcycle may be recalled because of a defect, which can easily impact a possible court case. Mr. Brock and the highly experienced attorneys of Burg and Brock have worked with all kinds of motorcycle cases, and they know the most effective ways to guarantee the rights of their clients.

The Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc. has a personal injury lawyer that is extremely accomplished in his field and will fight hard to get you what you deserve. It is the motorcycle manufacturer’s responsibility to keep their products from injuring innocent motorcyclists. Call our head injury lawyer if you’ve been seriously injured. He will discuss your rights as well as the procedures necessary to move forward with your case.