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Are you looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer to win your case in court? Here at Burg and Brock, Inc., we have been winning cases for our clients for over 21 years, and have multiple decades worth of combined experience. A good personal injury lawyer can present a captivating case to the court in order to secure the desired settlement or verdict amount, and that is our specialty. Call us today for a free consultation, and find out for yourself why we’re regarded as a distinguished personal injury law firm in Los Angeles.

Experience & Result


6128$4,776,404.81Pedestrian v. auto
7581$4,500,000.00Truck v. auto
4669$1,550,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
3838$1,500,000.00Pedestrian v. Bus (G.C.)
7136$1,500,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
1433$1,250,000.00Auto v. Auto (head injury)
2996$1,100,000.00Premises (slip and fall)
2177$1,000,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
Shomer$1,000,000.00Premises Liability (Wrongful Death)
3225$900,000.00Premises (slip and fall)
8611$800,000.00Pedestrian  v. auto
9185$750,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6603$700,000.00Premises (fall from tree)
7770$700,000.00Pedestrian v. Truck (death case)
1102$625,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2694$625,000.00Premises (Pole struck client)
4560$600,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7837$600,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6472$525,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
4510$500,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
5396$500,000.00Slip and Fall
8194$500,000.00Slip and Fall
4396$500,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
3404$500,000.00Auto v. auto (passenger)
8115$500,000.00Auto v. auto (passenger)
3081$450,000.00Premises (negligent supervision)
5115$424,728.32Passenger v. MTA
8670$400,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9383$400,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7292$375,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6715$350,000.00Slip and Fall
7294$350,000.00Slip and Fall
4115$350,000.00Auto v. auto (multiple rear end)
3071$325,000.00Auto v. auto
9477$301,000.00Dog bite
6350$300,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
6622$300,000.00Slip and Fall
8213$300,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
3681$300,000.00Premises (slip and fall)
3575$300,000.00Premises (trip and fall)
8845$280,000.00Auto v. auto
8073$275,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
6362$265,000.00Auto v. auto
5854$261,000.00Slip and Fall
6229$255,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
6575$250,000.00Auto v. auto
7196$250,000.00Auto v. Motorcycle
7497$250,000.00Auto v. Bike
7498$250,000.00Auto v. Motorcycle
7589$250,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8169$250,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8214$250,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
8305$250,000.00Motorcycle v. Auto
8459$250,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
9084$250,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9171$250,000.00Auto v. auto
9272$250,000.00Auto v. auto
9341$250,000.00Auto v. auto
1477-2$250,000.00Pedestrian  v. auto
8776$250,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
9745$250,000.00Auto v. Auto
9911$250,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9919$250,000.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
8104$250,000.00Auto v. auto (T-bone)
8262$250,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
6399$250,000.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
7958$235,044.81Auto v. auto
7756$235,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
1528$235,000.00Auto v. auto (passenger in cab)
9272$235,000.00Auto v. Auto
8065$230,000.00Premises (trip and fall)
6960$220,000.00Slip and Fall
3555$207,500.00Premises (fell in hole)
6452$200,000.00Pedestrian v. Bus
6331$200,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
6686$200,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7563-3$200,000.00Auto v. auto
8250$200,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
6477$200,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
4233$200,000.00Auto v. auto (lane change)
7248$200,000.00Auto v. truck
8502$200,000.00Auto v. auto (spin)
8502-2$200,000.00Auto v. auto (spin)
8921$190,000.00Bicycle v. auto
8458$185,496.06Auto v. Motorcycle
1686$175,000.00Premises (box hit client)
7342$172,143.18Auto v. auto (rear end)
2267$164,455.75Auto v. auto (roll over)
3247$162,758.21Pedestrian v. auto
3603$160,000.00Dog attack
8627$155,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8677$154,500.47Wrongful death
4577$150,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
3020$150,000.00Auto v. auto (Passenger, left turn)
6980$150,000.00Auto v. auto
7809-3$150,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7840$150,000.00Slip and Fall
8299$150,000.00Auto v. auto
8301$150,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8301-2$150,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8844$150,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7631-2$142,000.00Auto v. auto
7723$140,000.00Auto v. auto
7554$140,000.00Premises liability
1804$137,500.00Pedestrian v. auto
1955$130,000.00Auto v. auto (T-bone)
6313$130,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
6466$130,000.00Slip and Fall
3899$125,000.00Auto v. auto
3001$125,000.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
3719$125,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
3719-2$125,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6254$125,000.00Auto v. truck (rear end)
6389$125,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7905$125,000.00Truck v. Truck (rear end)
7503$125,000.00Auto v. auto
7554-2$120,000.00Premises liability
7902$120,000.00Slip and Fall
5004$118,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8680-2$115,000.00Auto v. auto
5894$113,500.00Auto v. auto
5427$112,501.00Slip and Fall
2594-2$108,750.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
8838$105,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8196$104,790.64Auto v. auto (rear end)
7141$101,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
1336$100,000.00Auto v. auto (intersection light)
1409$100,000.00Auto v. auto (hit & run)
1533$100,000.00Auto v. auto (lane change)
1595$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
1619$100,000.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
1640$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end, spin out of control
1809$100,000.00Auto v. auto
1961$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
1976$100,000.00Auto v. auto (D.U.I.)
2084-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
2102$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
2219$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2225$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
2359$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2458$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
2509$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto (wrongful death)
2607$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2617$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2721$100,000.00Dog attack
2779$100,000.00Auto v. auto (left turn)
2801-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto (Intersection GC)
2845$100,000.00Auto v. auto (multiple rear end)
2857$100,000.00Pedestrian  v. auto
2993$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
2994-3$100,000.00Auto  v. auto (Red light)
3013$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
3035$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto (hit and run)
3037$100,000.00Auto v. auto (lane change)
3263$100,000.00Auto v. auto
3551$100,000.00Auto v. auto (Lane change)
3600$100,000.00Auto v. auto (Intersection)
3715$100,000.00Auto v. auto (multiple rear end)
3731$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
3864$100,000.00Auto v. auto (multiple rear end)
3892$100,000.00Dog attack
4039$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
4134$100,000.00Auto v. auto
4149$100,000.00Auto v. auto (traffic light dispute)
4272$100,000.00Auto v. auto (Truck rear end)
4319$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
4410$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
4421$100,000.00Pedestrian v. Fork lift
4581$100,000.00Auto v. auto (intersection left turn)
4806$100,000.00Auto v. auto (car spin)
4820$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
4899$100,000.00Premises (slip and fall)
5469$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
5477$100,000.00Auto v. auto
5487$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
5677$100,000.00Auto v. auto
5737$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
5874$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
5874-2$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
5889$100,000.00Auto v. auto
5932$100,000.00Slip and Fall
5987-2$100,000.00Passenger v. Driver (lost control)
6156$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6327$100,000.00Passenger v. Driver
6440$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6611$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
6701$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6702$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6765$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6770$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6773$100,000.00Auto v. auto
6789$100,000.00Bicycle v. auto
6799$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
6833$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
6941-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7076$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7105$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7165$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8181-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7205$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7255$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7326$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7381$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7416$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7495$110,000.00Auto v. auto
7525$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7559$100,000.00Passenger v. Driver (lost control)
7613$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
7636$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7654$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7753$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
7755$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7757$100,000.00Auto v. auto
7817$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7859$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7884$100,000.00Auto v. Truck (rear end)
7921$100,000.00Auto v. Auto (rear end)
7965$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
7989$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8021$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8046$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8056$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8080$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8096$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8121$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8159$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8171$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8215$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8225$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8237$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8243-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8254$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8267$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8311$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8373-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8391-2$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8445$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8450$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8510$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8518$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
8540$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8555$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8582$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8590$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8593$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8609$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8653-2$100,000.00Auto v auto (rear end)
8712$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8743$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8756$100,000.00Passenger v. Driver
8762$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8777$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8801$100,000.00Auto v. auto
8886$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8926$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8948$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
8995$100,000.00Passenger v. driver
9030$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9051$100,000.00Auto v. auto
9063$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
9088$100,000.00Pedestrian v. auto
9324$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9331$100,000.00Auto v. auto
9357$100,000.00Auto v. auto
9448$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9512$100,000.00Auto v. auto (rear end)
9514$100,000.00Auto v. auto

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