Injury Compensation Must Reflect Pain and Suffering

When it is clear that there is a negligent party that caused an accident that resulted in injuries, the negligent party’s insurance company is usually willing to pay for the direct medical costs and lost wages of the people injured. Any personal injury lawyer can recognize that their injured client should not have to incur these costs and settle with the insurance company. Yet, a lawyer with more skill and perseverance, like Cameron Yadidi Brock of the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, can successfully argue that the pain and suffering that injured parties experienced entitles them to far more than the recovery of direct financial losses.

Mr. Brock has spent years in and out of courtrooms establishing himself as the motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles riders turn to when they have been in an accident. Far too often, motorcyclists are overlooked in the legal system, and many insurance companies will try to improperly assign blame to the motorcyclist when a multi-vehicle collision occurs. As a rider himself, Mr. Brock has a special compassion and understanding for motorcyclists, and brings this unique perspective to every motorcycle accident case that he argues.

Because he has seen a variety of head injuries in his years as a motorcycle accident attorney, many of his clients know Mr. Brock as a talented head injury lawyer capable of successfully arguing the true scope of these injuries to the court. He is also been successful in a wide variety of other injury cases including burns, slip-and-falls, product liability, and premises liability cases. Whatever you injury, Mr. Brock can help you and your family fight for justice.