From Slip and Fall to Auto Accidents, Cameron Brock Can Help

While many consider slips and fall to be the result of clumsiness, the opposite is true. Many times, when a person is injured from a fall, it’s not the victim’s fault. As a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles, Cameron Y. Brock has seen his fair share of accidents that were caused by negligence, laziness, and even spite. He’s incredibly familiar with slip and fall law, including the responsibility of companies to keep their floors safe for people to walk on.

If you have an accident and have been injured in Los Angeles or someone in your family has slipped and fell and you are not getting relief from the opposite party, do not delay. Come to the Law Offices of Burg & Brock and get your problem solved and have some peace of mind. Mr. Brock is the premier personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles and will see to it that you are getting the compensation that you deserve.

We can also act as your Los Angeles automobile accident lawyer. Following an automobile accident, even including motorcycles, bikes, and trucks, we are well trained to help. Moreover, the Law Offices of Burg & Brock work on a contingency-only basis, which means we don’t see a dime unless you get a settlement or verdict. We’ll assist with bills during the process once we take on your case so you don’t spend your time in fear and confusion. We offer a free consultation for anybody who feels wronged due to somebody else’s negligence.

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