Cameron Y. Brock is the Auto Accident Attorney to Trust for Results

At the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., you’ll find the accident lawyer who works to ensure that every client who has suffered a personal injury at the negligence or fault of another receives the monetary benefits necessary to be made whole again. While Cameron Y. Brock has garnered a reputation as a world-class auto accident attorney, his team also includes experts in nearly every aspect of personal injury law – from brain and spinal injuries to burns, slip and falls and dog bites.

Mr. Brock’s experience as a vehicle collision attorney should come as no surprise – after all, as a motorcycle rider himself, our chief attorney has always had a vested interest in ensuring those who are victims of auto collisions are justly and generously compensated. Mr. Brock is well aware of the various aspects of negligent road design that can lead to accidents – from blind corners to the lack of appropriate warning signage to speed humps and poor delineation of vehicle paths. In each of these cases, the fault might be placed on city officials, private organizations, or others, who can then be held responsible in the eyes of the law.

At the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., we understand that a vecicle collision can have severe results – particularly if a motorcycle is involved. If you’re the victim of negligent driving, or faulty road design, our personal injury, liability and wrongful death attorney is here to help. For information about a free initial consultation with a member of our outstanding legal team, please call us at 888-509-2998 or visit us online.