Cameron Brock is the Motorcycle Accident Attorney L.A. Trusts

For decades, Cameron Y. Brock has been the motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles residents trust first and foremost when they suffer injury or worse due to the negligence of an individual or organization. In fact, as a motorcyclist himself, Mr. Brock’s commitment to success comes from a very personal place – he understands the dangers that face motorcyclists every time they take to the road, and the challenges they face when holding a negligent or malicious party responsible.

As chief attorney at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., Cameron Y. Brock brings his meticulous legal skill and passion to a team that is equally dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled representation. They understand that, at best, a motorcyclist is only protected by a safe helmet, leather apparel and mechanically sound brakes.

Even in the best of conditions, a motorcyclist is no match for an automobile or truck in the event of a collision. That’s why it is essential that any motorcycle accident attorney should be equally effective as a spine and head injury lawyer. At the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., you’ll find precisely that. We provide our clients with legal skill that has led us to boast of 97% success rate over the course of more than 5,000 cases.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve earned over $100 million in awards and settlements to our clients – a fact that goes a long way toward restoring one’s life after tragedy. Whether you’re in need of a motorcycle accident or dog bite attorney, find the best in Cameron Y. Brock.