A Top Head Injury Lawyer Can be Found in Cameron Y. Brock

For most, it perhaps comes as no surprise that a brain injury is a serious issue, requiring top medical professionals, as well as top attorneys. As the top motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, Cameron Y. Brock has seen many brain injuries and related issues. Since 1996, Mr. Brock and his renowned team have taken on over 5,000 personal injury cases, while tallying an exceptional 98% success rate.

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Traumatic injury to the head is classified according to the type of damages it causes to the skull, with the three major categories being closed head injury, depressed skull fracture, and compounded skull fracture. From there, individuals that are suffering from closed head injuries can be further separated into two sub-groups, the first being a simple concussion, with no discernible damage to the brain, and more dangerous contusions, lacerations, herniation or hemorrhage.

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