A Skilled Litigator Who Won’t Back Down

There is an unfortunately large subset of lawyers who spend almost all of their time out of court, and refuse to take on any case that will make them work harder than simply signing settlement paperwork. Attorneys that work at these client mills may refer to themselves as a personal injury lawyer, yet they shy away from any actual litigation. Cameron Yadidi Brock at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock is different. He and his team will never back down from a challenge and do whatever it takes to get each client the compensation they deserve. While it is true that many cases do work out better for the client when settled out of court, clients risk missing out on a large chunk of the compensation they deserve by going to a law firm that only works through settlements.

Mr. Brock honed many of his legal skills as he spent years building up a reputation as the motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles riders count on to get them justice in a system that far too often looks down on motorcyclists. As a rider himself, Mr. Brock is able to empathize with the daily struggles of motorcyclists, and turn that empathy into a passionate argument that is crucial in securing a favorable settlement. Additionally, he is a skilled head injury lawyer who understands the unique severity of head injuries and the long-term implications that they have on a person’s well-being. Mr. Brock aims far beyond basic medical bills when fighting for a compensation amount that reflects his client’s pain and suffering.