A Head Injury Lawyer at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc. can Help

Since the start of his firm in 1996, Cameron Y. Brock has garnered a name for himself as the motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles residents can trust to garner ample settlements and awards. For those that have suffered injury or other loss due to the negligence of an individual or organization, this can go a long way towards ensuring the healing process is effective.

With such a sterling record of success, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Mr. Brock is also the head injury lawyer that residents of Southern California turn to for aid when they have suffered a closed head injury, depressed skull fracture, or compounded skull fracture. A brain injury is one of the most potentially harmful issues a person can face, requiring the efforts of a truly first-rate legal team – and at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc., that’s precisely what you’ll find.

Mr. Brock is an acclaimed head injury and wrongful death attorney that will vigorously defend your rights and lobby for the compensation you richly deserve. Over the course of the firm’s existence, our team has earned an astonishing $100 million in awards and settlements for our clients – all this while maintaining a 98% success rate over the course of more than 5,000 cases. It is this dedication to providing the monetary awards and justice in cases of head injury, wrongful death and product liability that have helped us become one of the most trusted firms in SoCal, or anywhere else.