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Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Accident Lawyer

For a high-caliber vehicle accident lawyer, the term “ambulance chaser” is deeply insulting. That kind of personal injury attorney is interested in only lining his pockets with your money, and is indiscriminate about what case he takes on. Cameron Brock, founder of the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, aspires to something greater. He is the kind of vehicle accident lawyer who prides himself on carefully selecting and then vigorously defending only the most deserving and legitimate plaintiffs. That dedication to authenticity has earned him a solid reputation in the Los Angeles legal community – a reputation that makes even the most powerful and resourceful defendants think twice about going toe-to-toe with him in the courtroom.

Cameron Brock brings to bear substantially more experience than your typical vehicle accident lawyer. His prestigious law firm has handled over 5,000 cases, with a staggering 98% success rate and over $100 million in settlements and verdicts. He has aggressively defended clients who suffered injuries arising from automotive product defect, tire product defect, commercial truck accidents, trash truck accidents, airplane and helicopter crashes, train disasters, government liability for accidents on public property, and acts of general negligence.

When you choose the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, you get a top tier vehicle accident lawyer on your side, but that doesn’t mean these services are only for the super-rich. Cameron Brock strongly believes that people from all walks of life, with all kinds of budgets, have the right to high quality legal representation. For this reason, he and his team will work on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t pay a dime unless you win.


Los Angeles Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Ever since we opened our doors in 1996, the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. has earned a strong reputation as the number one source for an accomplished Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer. The attorneys who work here handle all kinds of cases, from car and motorcycle accidents to burns, spinal injuries, product liability, and much more. We have a 98% success rate, with over 5,000 cases won and over $100 million recovered on behalf of our clients. If you want a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer with a proven track record, you should seriously consider the team of talented and experienced legal advocates here at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc.

A Burg and Brock Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer works on a NO RECOVERY, NO FEE basis, which means our clients don’t pay us anything until we have secured a verdict or settlement on their behalf. We are also a large law firm, which means we can underwrite the cost of a lawsuit, even against the big insurance companies. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation, and you will find a powerful ally devoted to getting you the compensation you so justly deserve.


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